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About Us

Due to Halyna's great success, in 2015 “Halyna’s Embroidery” assumed a new label and brand, re-registering the company name as ZELENCO. As the company grew and expanded, so did the invitations to show the ZELENCO collections, as was to enter various fashion shows.

While building the ZELENCO Brand, the goal has been to maintain the distinctive and authentic beauty of embroidery and to enhance and underline the best features of women. To this end only natural materials are used such as silk, linen and wool.

Today’s European look harmonizes beautifully with her rich ethnic embroidery. The many authentic design patterns, through Halyna’s creative prowess, are modernized and made into comfortable clothes that are suitable for business and evening attire.

The winter collection of 2017 is a harmonious combination of classic and original styles, underlining the grace and innate merit of women. That collection "Symphony of Love" winner of Rumi Awards 2016 in Best Fashion Show/Presentation.

In recent years, many new, creative and innovative ideas have been introduced in women’s apparel. However it seems as if we always return to what is simple and comfortable. The creative ideas of the ZELENCO brand, the use of natural fabric, classic style, and riches of the ethnic embroidery all point to the fact that clothing only enhances the innate beauty of every woman.

Clothing can make a woman more alluring and unforgettable.

The ZELENCO brand is always in a creative state. Halyna Hostetler is not afraid of experimenting and perfecting. The high interest to achieve, to see happiness in the faces of women who purchased ZELENCO, new contracts and orders from all parts of the world, are the reasons for her to go forward.

Born from the passion of Zelenco’s founder, Halyna, these handcrafted creations reflect a mastery that can only be achieved through years of dedication and artistic vision. Individually embroidered, these refined and eye-catching bags are suitable for everything from gifting a bottle of fine wine to a friend to surprising guests at a special occasion with one of our unique collections. With custom designs that may be tailored to your exact specifications, the possibilities are nearly endless!

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